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Imaa Queen chats winning The EuroStars Drag Contest 2021 

Icelandic-born drag performer HANS has been chosen to represent Iceland in the first Eurovision-style television show, made exclusively for drag artists. Previously named Drag King of Iceland in 2019, HANS is set to appear in the show, named EuroDrag hosted by Drag Race stars Janey Jacke and Sederginne.

" There's so much more to drag than just what you see on certain TV shows. "

Hans - Drag King of Iceland 2019

Glasgow entertainer is set to compete at drag's answer to Eurovision - the EuroStars. The EuroStars Drag Contest hopes to give all drag a platform, in an inclusive contest between performers from over 33 countries. The competition in May will take place virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. For full article, click here.

Linda Gold said that “EuroDrag launched in 2015 as a protest towards shows like RuPaul’s drag race, which, at the time, excluded everyone that didn’t represent the creators’ interpretation of drag. Now, finally, five years later, after living out of a suitcase and travelling from bar to bar, we’re able to see ALL types of drag on mainstream TV in the form of EuroStars. I can’t wait to watch it!” 

Hello Europe! 

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EuroStars is coming to your TV Screens this summer!

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