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Step 1 - Applying

Apply direct at:

Check out your closest EuroDrag venue here

 For further questions, contact

Dates for Season 2 are to be confirmed.

Step 2 - Local Heat

If your application is successful, you will be asked to prepare 2 set performances ( 1 x 3 minutes & 1 x 5 minutes ). This does not mean it has to be exact, but it CANNOT go over the given minutes. There is no set agenda to what can be involved in your numbers. 

STAGE ONE - Every contestant will perform the 1 x 3 minutes performance BUT only 3 of them will get through to the second stage to perform their 1 x 5 minutes performance. The first wave of elimination will happen at the end of Stage One and that is decided by audience reaction, feedback from the venue owner and the judges, but ultimately, the host will choose the Top 3. 

STAGE TWO - After a short break, the remaining Top 3 will perform their second number ( which should be a high energy performance, as EuroDrag is mostly held in nightclubs ). One out of the 3 contestants will be eliminated with the help of the audience who will be given voting cards. Each side of the voting card comprises of a green tick and a red cross. Audience holds up their cards after each performance. If a member of the audience is unsure whether to vote tick or cross ( yes or no ), they can abstain by not holding any card. The contestant who receives the most red crosses WON'T go through to the next stage. 

STAGE THREE - This leaves us with our remaining two contestants. The competition will take a short break, whilst the judges, venue owner and the host deliberate which of the last two contestants should move on to the Local Final. One person will be chosen to proceed to the next stage whilst the other will be eliminated. 

THE INSTAGRAM GOLDEN TICKET - Every contestant will have their photograph on EuroDrag's instagram for one week prior to the event, where people can vote for them. The contestant from each heat who receives the most votes ( as in comments ) via Instagram from the public, prior to the audition, will receive a golden ticket direct to the Local Final. 


ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS - ALL eliminated contestants will always be invited to participate in later heats. EuroDrag is committed to the growth to all drag performers as opposed to just throwing aside the less experienced. We encourage all performers to improve their drag, grow, and re-enter over and over until eventually they succeed. The judges and hosts at EuroDrag are committed to giving positive feedback, unlike many drag competitions, you'll never be criticised for your style of drag or lack of experience. 

SUPPLYING YOUR TRACKS - You are expected to email us your two performances via email in MP3 formats, including the order you want the songs in ( Part 1 & Part 2 ). This has to be done a week before the event, if you fail to do that, we must regrettably 

remove you from the heat.

Step 3 - Local Final

The winners will proceed to the Local Final which follows exactly the same format as Step 2. The only difference being, there can only be one winner, and whilst the host will consider the reaction from the audience, the advice from the judges and the venue owner, they ultimately make their own decision. 

Step 4 - Country Final

The format is identical to the earlier stages.

The winner of the local final will be the representative of their city and will proceed to the country's finals ( that's if the country has more than one host venue ), where you will compete against the other cities for the chance to represent your country and win some paid gigs worth €250, a sponsorship goody bag and flights and accommodation paid for the European final.

If the country has only one host venue, then you will automatically qualify for the European Finals.

Step 5 - Grand Final

STAGE ONE -  Each country will perform one number. After everyone has performed, all the contestants, alongside with the judges + hosts, will be asked to vote for one country ( they cannot vote for themselves ). The top 4 countries who receive the most votes will proceed to Stage 2. 

STAGE TWO - Each country will perform their second number, and the same voting system will apply. In the event of a TIE, the host will announce a winner based on audience reaction, their performance and the overall participation in EuroDrag. The audience will not have direct input as it will be considered biased to the host country.

The winner will be crowned Winner of EuroDrag and

win the cash prize of  


Cash courtesy of Rainbow Relocation

Jewels supplied by BlingBlingBling UK to the value of €400

Hand-crafted wig from ShadeQueenWigs worth €210 

PLUS One finalist from each country will also receive a plane ticket and overnight accommodation to the final.


1. All contestants must treat each other, the hosts and the management & staff of the venue with respect, kindness and compassion.

 Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the contest.

2. Expenses are only paid for the European finals. Flights and accommodation is included, transfers to and from airports, food/drink is NOT. Linda Gold events will book all flights and accommodation. There are no refunds, therefore it is essential not to book your own flights or accommodation.

3. If you are traveling with a companion and want to book your own flights and accommodation, Linda Gold Events will negotiate a cash payment as a substitute.

4. Any substitute payment will be paid after the EuroDrag final within 14 days

5. A contestant can apply for as many heats as they want providing there is availability at the venue.

6. A contestant must supply all their music at least 72 hours before the time of the event. Failure to comply will result in the contestant being eliminated from the heat.

7. Whilst the audience and the venues give input to the winners, the final decision is that of the creators, Linda Gold Events and its directors.

8. Performances should last between 3 and 4 minutes maximum. If a performance exceeds 5 minutes the track will be cut.

9. Linda Gold events reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time without retribution.

10. Whilst venues are encouraged to book the winners this is not guaranteed and Linda Gold Events accepts no liability for such bookings.

11. The competition also has a "golden buzzer" winner that can be announced at any time throughout the competition. The golden buzzer is used at the discretion of the venue's host and can automatically qualify a contestant through to their country's final. 

Get in touch!


14 Claughton Street
St Helens WA10 1RS


0044 7971239421
(UK) 01744 766900


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