"Let me entertain you"

This Sexy Diva has performed all over the world and is no stranger to the stage. Performing on catwalks and stages for almost 20 years, Drag Idol should be a 'walk in the park' 


Triana Vuitton


Mimmi Makiato

"Drink some coffee and break the rules"

She's pretty new in the drag-community but had a dream of being a part of it since forever. Mimmi is also singer and loves to perform live. Born and raised in Jönköping Sweden she's probably the tallest bitch in the room, but who says tall girls can't wear high heels?

Isaac Harrass


 Fatimah Rose

"Sweden has very great LGBT community and RFSL group"

Fatima Rose is transsexual born in Malaysia. Last year she fled to Sweden as a refugee/asylum due to threats of presecution in her home country. At the age of 30, she loves to travel and studies to become a DJ. She loves to party, is a night person and enjoys meeting new people. She got her residence to stay in Sweden and is now ready to start looking for new platforms in the entertainment industry.

Diana Kills

"My name is Diana Kills. I'm a grindr-obssessed, pink & food loving drag queen, smoochies"

Diana has been a regular presence at Club Queer and Gretas for many years, she was a contestant in Season 2 and was the host of Drag Karaoke  in Gothenburg.

Isabella Infinity 


Andrea Copper 


Elisa Eresia

"I believe in the infinite power of love and care."

I'm 37, I'm a queer presence, a lesbian, dark, post-punk, fragile and sensitive queen in the making and a methodological anarchist. I teach/research art/architecture at the university, I'm also an amateur dancer, builder and philosopher. I think Drag should be a subject in schools since kindergarten... 

Cream Pie 


Holly Chór




Aurora Alour

"dancing my way to New York"

Hanna is Seasons 3's contestant from the Gothenburg trans community.  She's a trained dancer and in 2016 preformed as a backup dancer for Linda Gold's Divas show at Gretas in Gothenburg.  Now she gets to take centre stage to dance her way to the final.


"You're never to old to make dreams come true"

Androgina is the eldest queen in the contest and has been performing in drag for many years. Her predessor, Miss Tantman, was a popular contestant in S1 and S2 but 'Arne' felt it was time for a new character. We are just happy to have her back, whatever her name is.

Shallow Vera 

"Shoes can never be too high and legs can never be too long... But fuck me, a tuck can definitely be too tight"

I'm 27 years old and working as a singer. Then two years ago an absolute whore of a drag alter ego, Shallow Vera was born.  She spent a year in Lanzarote working in a drag group show in the Canaries. After working on her own material she returned to the UK and now has her own solo show.  When it comes to costuming she loves making somethings out of nothing, obsessed with thrift shops and generally being a cheap bitch.

Regina Love 

"Everyone deserves a happy ending."

Regina is new to drag, but has loved it for a long time. For her it's all about having fun and being creative.  Her interests include partying, socialise with people and just trying to be a good bitch through life.  She used to live in London but moved back to Sweden in November of 2016.  Lady Gaga is her biggest inspiration. 

Lola Lidl

"I may be a girl, but I'm in it to win it"


Lola, our first female queen to date, is very popular with the crowd and is a huge force to be reckoned with.  With her love of performing Lola has already proven herself in Season 2 of Drag Idol and in Friday's a Drag. Not to mention appearances during Pride in both Gothenburg and Varberg.